I may be a Serial Starter, but I do have finishes too. You can see them here.


8 thoughts on “Finishes

  1. Here’s one of my all time favorite finishes. It’s Vegetable Wreath from Dimensions. It was a kit which I’m really not fond of using, but what are you going to do? The eggplant was a bugger and so was backstitching the corn. Thank God for younger eyes than mine. Love you Bree!

    Veggie Wreath

  2. Another favorite that I haven’t framed yet is Kitchen Alphabet by Ellen Maurer Stroh. I changed the color of the letters to suit my taste and went from there. It’s really a lovely design and best of all, it was a freebie!

    Ellen Maurer Stroh\'s Kitchen Alphabet

  3. This is Fruitful Welcome which was in a Stoney Creek kitchen design book that I can’t remember the name of. I do love welcome signs and I love to stitch fruits and vegetables, so this one had it all for me.

    Fruitful Welcome

  4. Another finish! I have more of them than I thought! This is Jacobean Sampler by Sam Hawkins. It’s one of the last pieces I stitched on aida. I never thought about using a black frame, but our framer is a genius at creating beautiful looks with frames. She also used a black suede mat and it’s very rich looking.

    Jacobean Sampler

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