Marjolein Bastin’s Four Seasons

This is one of my all time favorite pieces. I stitched it as a commission for a friend of mine. She’s plans to make it the center piece of a quilt that will be made for her. I totally enjoyed stitching this one. I have to admit that the squirrel on the tree stump was a MAJOR pain, but everything else was easy peasy. My favorite part to stitch was the border. It’s so pretty. I’m going to stitch it for myself one of these day. HA! Famous last words.

The Four Seasons



6 thoughts on “Marjolein Bastin’s Four Seasons

  1. I have this as a 90% finished WIP. Unfortunately I can’t find it- either the chart or the fabric. So I did what any good stitcher would do- I ordered the chart off eBay 😉 looking forward to following your blog!

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